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8 Dec

After a pretty depressing day at work, which involved a 20 minute phone conversation to a man who wanted to  book two tickets to a play whilst discussing his drinking problem at length, I trundled home feeling rather sorry for myself. On the short walk to my house from the tube station, my feet began to take me the long route home past the various restaurants that adorn Stroud Green Road. As always when I am feeling low, I will automatically find myself at a place that sells food that is ready to jump straight into my mouth and digest happily in my stomach. Today I popped into a local pizza place and ordered an Americana and took a few extra moments to choose a side dish of deep-fried mozzarella balls. I rushed my hot goodies home and tucked into my soggy pizza and slurped on the scalding oil that burst from the centre of the under seasoned mozzarella balls. Mmm. All the same, my spirits were lifted because buying food and eating it is my favourite pastime.

A couple of hours later I found myself having a moan over Facebook with a friend about how unmotivated I am at the moment and he told me to start a food blog. He is not the only person who has told me to do this actually – I appear to talk about food a lot it seems – but even so, for reasons unknown to me, his were the words which has actually got me to do it. So here I am at 11.54 on a cold Wednesday night typing up my first entry and wondering how on earth I change my blog title (and what a blog title is even?). So here is my attempt to share with you my thoughts on the food that I eat and the places I choose to eat food in. I might even thrown in a grainy photo of a delectable desert or mundane main from time to time.

There isn’t much more to say about my earlier meal other than I ate most of the pizza rather too quickly and fed rest of the mozzarella balls to my mother, but as Christmas comes up I am booked up with various social events all to take place in different restaurants so I will leave you with a teaser of what is to come…

The Florence Pub in Herne Hill – will Naomi drink too much of their home-brewed ale to remember to blog about it the next day?


Breakfast at Roast followed by dinner at Baltic – when two work socials collide on one day – will Naomi be able to finish her meal? (Probably.)



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