Friday Feasting – Part 1

19 Dec

Stumbling through Borough Market at the crack of dawn I wondered whose bright idea it was to have breakfast at 9.30am – a whole half hour before my usual working day would start. And that is what I announced loudly as I positioned myself at the head of the table so that I could have a clear view of my work colleague’s breakfast choices and thus being able to aptly judge their character (MUESLI! They’ll never go far).  

This was the first of two work Christmas socials I would be having that day. Breakfast at Roast followed by dinner at RSJ (after our original plans to go to Baltic fell through). Working in two different departments can be tough. I found it necessary to take charge of where we should eat on at least one of these occasions, you know, just in case they were both awful, so Roast was my idea. I had been about a year before with my mother and we both thoroughly enjoyed a Full English, but I strongly remember the stab of food envy as I noticed a glistening pile of orangey yellow scrambled eggs on another person’s plate.

With that image imprinted in my mind I skimmed through the menu not wanting to be tempted by anything else, but of course I was. Not bread sauce this time but the promise of hollandaise sauce that would come with Eggs Benedict. “Small or large?” the waiter asked. I thought the most appropriate way to answer this question would be to throw my cup of scalding English Breakfast tea in his face, but being merciful I said “Does anyone ever actually really order the small?” He took my point and moved on.

Two baskets of toast were positioned on the table with a selection of jams presented on mini dishes. As lovely as this idea was it meant that I could only have one slice with marmalade. Disaster. Luckily my breakfast didn’t take long to arrive and as soon as it was placed in front of me I dipped the tip of my knife into the hollandaise and transferred the sauce to my tongue. Delight! It was sharp yet creamy and light and full of air! With the precision of a surgeon with a scalpel, I slit open one of the plump poached eggs and the bright yolk literally ejaculated on to my plate – I almost did with it.

Within minutes I had cleared my plate and my index finger made quick work of any drops left on the china. I took a moment to survey the rest of the party – no one was even near finished! Almost everyone else had gone for a tattie scone option which did look pretty good, but I am pleased to say that I was able to sit back in my seat with a superior feeling of smugness.

 I am also pleased to say that the only judging I had to do was confined to the one vegetarian at the table who did redeem herself somewhat by choosing the breakfast which included the most food.

Borough Market
Borough High Street London SE1 1TL

2 Responses to “Friday Feasting – Part 1”

  1. Kim December 20, 2010 at 7:33 pm #

    Naomi, you make ME hungry! I love it! xx


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    […] above my plate, I waited for the customary flood of sunny yolk to spill out of my eggs a la Roast, yet I appeared to be stuck waiting. It probably took me half a minute to realise that there was […]

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